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Sightseeing walk in Budapest - Chain Bridge and the Parliament at night

The capital of Hungary is truly like a treasure chest. A chest of which if you open the lid, you’ll find plenty of beautiful things. You’ll find buildings with stunning architecture, ranging from Roman through Baroque to Art Nouveau; you’ll find spots offering breath-taking panorama; you’ll find signs of another era through the Turkish-style bath-houses, and you’ll find a tangible past through the bullet-holes on buildings witnessing dark and hard times. Budapest is a paradise for explorers; let us help you to experience it in the best way possible!

Tours around Budapest - A castle situated just outside of the capital

You are visiting Budapest and would like to visit something also outside of the capital, but don’t really know where to go, what to do and how to get there? We organise trips to places situated just outside of Budapest, reachable within half-an-hour. These are half-day programs, ideal for taking a break from the capital’s busy flow, and experience a bit different reality as well. Browse our programs, and whether you opt for the Baroque castle tour or for another program, we’ll do our best to make it an unforgettable experience.

Tours in the Hungarian countryside

Budapest occupies less than 1% of Hungary’s territory; meaning that if you don’t leave the capital, you’re experiencing just a tiny part of the country. If you wish to discover the secret world outside the capital’s border, choose our day-trips, and we’ll take you to places and make you live adventures, you’d never come across without the help of a local. Come and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Hungarian countryside, accompanied by a glass of wine!

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A Circus locked in Ice

Probably you’ve been to the circus a couple of times in your life. But have you ever been to one which is closed in a World of Ice? Well…that’s what happened with the Capital Circus of Budapest. So if you’re visiting before the end of August, make sure to check out this bewitching show.

Dancing Summer Nights

Do you visit Budapest between 20-31 July? Excellent timing, because something amazing happens on the Buda side, which involves dance, performance, summer nights and panorama over the Danube and the Chain Bridge. Interested…? Keep on reading this blog post, where we share all the details.

Hungarian State Opera

Our guests often ask me what they should absolutely do in Budapest, which are the ‘must-see’ sights and what would be rather a waste of their time and money. In these discussions have happened to arise several times the opera-topic; is it worth to go on a guided visit, or better to watch an evening play, or both programs should be included in a holiday?

Transferring between

Budapest and Vienna?

(or the other way)

Turn it to a cultural day-trip!


Transferring between

Budapest and Vienna?

(or the other way)

Turn it to a cultural day-trip!

Why choose a Step into Hungary program?


Intimate groups of 2-8 persons (depending on activity), led by passionate and knowledgeable English-speaking local experts.


Spectacular buildings, breathtaking views, interesting stories, revealed mysteries, delicious and unknown Hungarian food and wine.


In Budapest we show you off-the-beaten-path spots and well-known places from a new angle; and we don’t stop here, with us you can discover the hidden beauties of the countryside too.


More than just a simple sightseeing or food tour. With us, you can experience Hungary’s rich culture, stunning architecture and mouth-watering cuisine, and meet its wonderful people.

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