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Most of the big cities have parks within them, serving as a place for people wishing to calm down their minds from the everyday stress. Just think of all the people having their lunch in London’s Hyde Park instead of sitting in their offices, or imagine all the persons – locals and tourists alike – chilling under the trees in Rome’s central park, Villa Borghese. And Budapest is not an exception either, it has a whole island as a park (Margaret island), and also a bit more central one, called the City Park. But the latter one, despite its name, it’s not a park in the classic sense of the word, but that place is something much more.

The City Park in Budapest, besides having the “classic park features” as trees, benches and a lake with ducks, it also hides other treasures. One of these is a real circus, I mean a proper one! So let me present you the Capital Circus of Budapest, situated right next to the zoo 🙂 The circus always has one show at a time which goes on for a couple of months, and then they change the program. Currently, for one more month, they are hosting a performance called “Children of Antarctica”. It’s a cooperation with another circus company, so the actors are from different countries, mostly from Eastern-Europe, and of course a couple of artists are Hungarians. The word Antarctica is not only for catching your eyes, it really refers to ice; as it can be read also on the circus’ website, the show is actually a “Circus world closed in Ice”. Doesn’t this sound all really exciting? It has been on stage since the 8th April, and since the moment I’ve first come across it on a billboard, I couldn’t wait to see it. And finally the day arrived last week, and I went to see this magical performance with my two little cousins. And all the three of us were totally amazed!

The show features the classic circus elements, like acrobats, clowns, dancers, jugglers and glittery dresses, but imagine all these not on a simple stage, but on ice, where every movement is carried out on ice-skates! It really creates an incredible visual experience, spiced with nice and emotional songs and a sometimes dramatic-sometimes-funny presenter who leads you through all the show. All the three of us, we happened to watch the show’s certain moments with a mouth left opened from how enchanted we were. It’s been quite a while (actually the last time was like 10 years ago, gosh!) I haven’t been to the circus, but after this show I promised myself, not to make such a long break again. So if you’re visiting Budapest these weeks, I would really suggest you to dedicate a couple of hours to this, have some fun at the circus and be a bit like a child again – you can even buy balloons at the entrance! 🙂

Useful info

  • Where tickets can be bought and for how much?
  • You can buy tickets at the circus’ boksz office, either right before the performance or any other day in advance. Otherwise, you can also purchase tickets online on the circus website and enjoy a 5% discount.  There are different categories of tickets, depending on where you sit, ranging 3.100 – 4.500HUF (10-15€), and kids and senior get some discount.
  • When do the performances start?
  • Depending on the day, there are different starting times (11am, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm), please visit the circus’ website for further info.
  • What is the dress code for the event?
  • It’s a circus, so absolutely easy-going. And since it’s a show on ice, you might bring a cardigan or a scarf to cover yourself, because it can be a bit chilly.
  • Whom the program is suitable to?
  • The program is absolutely suitable to anybody older than 3 years-old and not afraid of laughing a bit 🙂  


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